2018 marks the 36th (double chai) anniversary of the first Jewish eyes tour that Rabbi Marvin Tokayer led to the Far East. China was just opening to tourism and the exchange rate was much different. The entire cost of the 2-week tour including airfare, hotels, sightseeing and meals was
less than the cost of just the airfare today! Of course, the group had to schlep its own kosher wine
and challah, the hotels were maybe 3-star by Western standards though they were clean,
comfortable and safe, and the guides barely spoke English. What a difference it is today!

We are proud to introduce the first annual Tokayer Heritage Tours that will follow in the
footsteps of Rabbi Tokayer (without having to schlep the wine). Hotels are 5-star deluxe, guides
speak excellent English, meals are world-class and many new sights and attractions are available
to visitors while you discover the little known Jewish experience in the Far East.

Exotic Far East
Watch for 2019 dates Coming Soon
Mongolia ~ Manchuria
Siberia ~ Seoul

Southeast Asia
Dec 11 - 26, 2018 ( Sold Out )
Singapore ~ Thailand
Vietnam ~ Cambodia


India My 2nd Home
January 2020—PRIVATE GROUP
Bombay ~ Cochin ~ Calcutta
Delhi ~ Agra


Mission to Bulawayo
Watch for 2020 Dates—COMING SOON
Zimbabwe ~ Hwange Game Reserve
Victoria Falls ~ Livingstone ~ Cape Town


Click to view the informative video clip presented by Prof. Nathan Katz:

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