An invitation from Rabbi Marvin Tokayer, one of the foremost
authorities on the Jewish experience in the Far East

For the past 31 years, I have been lecturing on the unknown Jewish experience in the
Far East and each year, have organized unique tours "through Jewish eyes" to visit the
remote lands on the periphery of the Diaspora.

For detailed descriptions, itineraries and reservation forms for these fully escorted,
deluxe kosher tours, please click on the destination image below.

Please accept our very best wishes for a Sweet, Healthy,
Successful & Peaceful New Year. Shana Tova!

Rabbi Marvin Tokayer                           

India: My Second Home
Feb 16 - 29, 2016
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Exotic Far East Tour
(Watch for 2016 Date)

Pepper, Silk, and Ivory
Jun 26 - Jul 10, 2016

Southeast Asia
(Private Tour)

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